Side Effects of Chaga Mushroom

Side Effects of Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Therapy


Although there have been no reports of any side effects from drinking VitaliTEA and ChagaTEA, it is possible that those that are not 100% in health may experience some counter symptoms when taking anything containing the Chaga mushroom.


1.Consult a doctor before taking Chaga mushroom in any form
2.Do not consume if already taking antibiotics, particularly penicillin
3.Stop smoking
4.Do not drink alcohol
5.Revise daily diet

General Counter Symptoms

The key general counter symptoms that can be experienced when taking the Chaga mushroom include chronic colitis and dysentry. It should also be noted that Chaga is not compatible with antibiotics (especially those containing penicillin). The therapy based on using chaga mushroom should be avoided in case of glucose intake.

Although Chaga in non-toxic, there is a small probability of an allergic reaction, depending on the individual response of a patient.  Like any plant, Chaga can be an allergen for some  people.


The diet plays a vital part while using Chaga mushroom as a treatment.  A vegetarian diet or a limited amount of meat in the diet is recommended.

The following specific products are thought to have a negative effect during Chaga therapy, so it is also recommended that they are excluded from the diet.
1. animal fats
2. smoked, salted or spicy dishes
3. sausages
4. meat broth
5. very hot and cold dishes
6. strong tea and coffee
7. garlic and onion

Before trying any medicinal plant

If you are already on medication or are experiencing any health condition, to avoid possible unwanted side-effects, it is recommended your doctor is consulted.



ChagaTEA and VitaliTEA  Lead You To Your Mind and Body Harmony.









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    Well written. Most of the articles bear the positive side of it but you write about the precautionary steps of using it.

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