Melanin in Chaga Mushroom Can Protect the Skin from Sun Damage 

Melanin in Chaga Mushroom Can Protect the Skin from Sun Damage 

melanin in chaga mushroomMelanin is a phenolic pigment and potent antioxidant found in the surface layer of the mushroom and is the chief ingredient responsible for its distinctive coloration. Chaga is one of the highest sources of melanin known in any food or herb. It has been demonstrated that chaga’s melanin has a strong genoprotective (DNA/gene protective) effect on the body.

This is the same compound that makes up the main pigment in human skin, the retina of the eye and the pigment-bearing neurones within the brain stem.

Having a nutritional source of melanin such as chaga lightens the body’s load of nutrient-demanding processes involved in melanogenesis (formation of melanin).

Melanin supplementation via chaga consumption can enhance, beautify and protect the skin from sun damage and is additionally beneficial for the eyes and hair.

The melanin found in the mushroom may help those with white blotches that sometimes appear on the skin as we age. This may indicate a disrupted melanin distribution possibly caused by factors such as stress, viral issues, genetics and/or nutritional deficiencies.

The best way to get the nutrients from Chaga is of course to drink the tea!



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