Let’s Look At The Manufacturer

Let’s Look At The Manufacturer

Chaga Products Team


Vladimir Abakumov, PhD, Director of the company  Javenta (Factory in Russia)

Vladimir Abakumov and Evstolia Abakumova
are the factory founders in Russia. Since 1994 they have been producing many kinds of plant extracts, medicinal teas, massage creams, bath salts, emulsions, oils  and  other high quality natural remedies. With a team of 35 people they are committed to making high quality natural products and devote their life to such an important thing as  Health.
The head of the company Russian scientist and the author of numerous patents Vladimir  Abakumov together with the company Javenta was recognised by the government for the development of innovative products and contribution to the economy. 





Evstoliya Abakumova

Engineer, Deputy Director of Javenta

Eustolia Abakumova is the soul of the factory’s staff.

She  organises  the work process and creates a friendly warm  family atmosphere.

This is another reason why their products are in demand and of very high quality.



Yulia Morris, Nutritional Therapist , Creator of Chaga Products Ltd

Yulia Morris, a top personal trainer and nutritionist in London,  partnered with her parents’ factory in Russia to create authentic healthy tea, coffee and other drinks and foods  with Siberian chaga mushroom.

She founded Chaga Products  company in London.  

Chaga Power and VitaliTEA. are now available worldwide and in UK stores.



To Create A Product Means To Create  Quality

Chaga Power & VitaliTEA








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