Chaga Is Indeed An Outstanding Product. New Scientific Researches

Chaga Is Indeed An Outstanding Product. New Scientific Researches

Chaga Is Indeed An Outstanding Product.
New Scientific Researches


The post-antibiotic world of Western Medicine is now beginning to study, evaluate, and test Chaga for the active compounds underlying its historically understood homeopathic benefits. As with many other natural medicinal foods and herbs, the modern medical and scientific community is coming to understand that whole supplements like Chaga, offer a complex balance of active compounds, delivery mineral structures, and co-agents, more effective to sustaining a healthy immune balance than isolated compounds synthesized from these natural products.


The primary active compounds discovered in Siberian Chaga are a variety of triterpenes and sterols, including Lanosterol, Ergosterol Inotodials, Saponins, and Polysaccharides.Modern research is now beginning to demonstrate that these compounds are effective for human maladies treated by folk medicine practitioners with natural products, without toxic side-effect, for millennia.

After being ignored for hundreds of years by western pharmacologists, Chaga is currently enjoying a resurgence as a possible treatment for a wide variety of diseases and health problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome, the flu, stomach problems, and even HIV and certain types of cancer.

It is a fact that Chaga, placed into a birch bark casket, acquires more expressed therapeutic properties. Bioactive substances of the white part of birch bark having triterpenic bonds – betulin, lupeol, betulinic acid, etc. – possess anti-cancerous activity, causing apoptosis (programmed cell death) of cancerous cells and this is transfered to Chaga, thus strengthening its properties..”, says Galina Mikhaylovna Fedoseeva the Chairman of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany of Irkutsk State Medical University, professor, Doctor of the pharmaceutical sciences.

Recent studies in the U.S., Russia, and other countries have shown Chaga to have anti-tumor benefits related to the mammary glands and female sex organs; studies in Finland have demonstrated that inotodial, one of the most active ingredients in Chaga, was effective against influenza virus and various cancer cells; and Japanese research not only found similar antiviral activity, but also discovered that Chaga shows activity against HIV (protease inhibition).

 Chaga has even been classified as a medicinal mushroom under World Trade Organization (WTO) codes. Arguably, the most well known western research conducted on the use of Chaga has been performed by Dr. Kirsti Kahlos and her team at School of Pharmacology, at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Kahlos’ team conducted studies validating the immuno-modulating impact of Lanosterol-linked triterpenes effective as a flu-vaccination and for anti-tumor applications.


You can easily use Chaga Power Tea 3-4 times per day. It prevents, improves, helps the following:

– Strengthen Immune System
– Flu / against influenza viruses A and B
– High or Low Blood Pressure
– Cardiovascular-related problems / Arrhythmia  / Pulmonary
– Coronary Heart Disease / Arteriosclerosis / Stroke
– Cancer: breast, mammary glands and female sexual organs, prostate, lung, stomach, liver, bone, lymphatic, cervical, rectum, lips, skin cancer & melanoma
– Cholesterol
– Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism, Rheumatism – Myalgia
– Memory & Brain Function
group of students working at the laboratory– Overweight / Obesity
– Diabetes
– Digestive disorders
– Stomach pain / Stomach-intestinal tract diseases
– Celiac disease
– Gastritis / Chronic Gastritis / Colitis
– Allergies
– Liver
– Kidney
-Varicose Veins / Spider Veins

Make A Habit, Drink Chaga Tea,
It’s Nature’s Gift To Your Health!




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